Social Media Management & Advertising Package


As per the Sales Terms and conditions, this service is sold on a minimum of a 3-month contract, so you will be billed again at the start of the 2nd and the 3rd month.


Our package includes.

  • setting up 1-3 social media accounts with your contact details and business description.
  • Sending step by step instructions on using your social media platforms yourself – includes a 30 min over the phone instructions.
  • Adding your branding and logos to these social platforms
  • Creating suitable copyright ads with images, artwork, and information from your website or products catalog.
  • Posting 2-5 ads posts per week, per platform and information on social media platforms including videos created by the owner/ manager.
  • Responding and engaging to all clients comments by answering their questions, sending the question to the business manager to respond to or just thanking them.
  • Create and use suitable # tags on social posts.
  • Analyzing and writing reports on all social Analytics.
  • Budgeting campaign for all paid social media ads with the aim of the lower cost per click conversions and set up facebook pixels. (To track visitors)
  • Creating and managing your sponsored social ads.
  • Setting up an email marketing platform with opt-in newsletter to collect and send out information to your clients via electronic emails.
  • Promote your products/ services and liaise with clients in suitable facebook groups to find your target market.
  • Write 1 blog post per month to add to your website to help gain customer reach.
  • Small website revamps each month to improve SEO.

Price is $220 per month on a minimum 3-month contract.

Please note- this does not include your sponsored advertising budget. We recommend your weekly budget for sponsored ads be between $10- $100 ($40- $400 per month) to start with that will be revised monthly.

Please note your email marketing platform will be free until you have more than 1000 subscribers and then will cost from $15 per month (unless you already have an email marketing platform set up via another company. (I currently use mailerlite)

During this service, I will teach you how to manage your social media accounts yourself. However, don’t stress I’m always around to assist you when you don’t have the time or you get stuck.