advertising and promotion.In my Email course “Drive more people to my business” I talk about the essentials of advertising for your business including free websites to list your business online, the importance of social media, collecting customers email addresses and contacting them regularly. These are the first steps you should do and they defiantly help to drive lots of people to your business. However, you should also look into other ways to promote your business. Many small business people question the value of advertising as it’s often very expensive. However, without testing they will never find out what is right for their business.

From a survey, I conducted recently with over 100 businesses responding I got that following results.

41% Social Media.

19% Word of Month

14% Networking and relationship building one or one or via telemarketing.

11% Sales Promotion -giving away promotion materials, service giveaways, free samples, contests or coupons.

9% Website with email opt-in and promoting to your customer emails

3% Direct Mail Sending flyers or brochures to potential clients through the mail.

2% Online Directories.

1% Radio

Social Media is one of the best advertising methods for your business.

social media

From my conclusion, it is important to incorporate a variety of different strategies both online and offline to be a successful business. While many businesses succeed purely online, using offline promotional tactics is still very essential for a lot of businesses.

My Email course “Drive more people to my business” I discuss different online business advertising including social media, websites with an email opt in’s and online advertising directories. However, I don’t cover offline advertising.

The first thing to do is check out all advertising methods and see what businesses are advertising in which ones. Television and magazine advertising is still a great advertising tool depending on what type of business you have. There are a number of different promotional ways and they are aimed at different target markets so here is a list of the different options you should consider:

Advertising is placing your ad in different media outlets such as newspapers, radio, television, magazines, on billboards, in the yellow pages print book, display ads out the front of your work premises or on billboards.

Publicity is messages such as news stories, announcements, mentioned of your business from charity work or other good deeds. Think about working more in your community so your business is placed in publicities.

Personal Selling is selling directly to a customer from a store, in-house, another business or over the phone.

Sales Promotion is giving away promotion caps, pens or shirts, prize or service giveaways, free samples, contests or coupons.

Direct Mail Sending flyers or brochures to potential clients through the mail.

When creating your advertising make sure your message is clear and it grabs people’s attention to create a desire for them to buy and take action.

What about business networking? Business networking is an effective marketing method to build relationships with potential clients. This can be done either face to face, over the phone, via email or social media or at a meeting or gathering. This allows you to build up your client’s trust and have them get to know you more. Some people don’t like to engage in business using conventional advertising methods. Most local areas have a networking club also known as a breakfast club or similar, however, if this is not your style or suitable then jumping onto local networking groups via social media and helping people answering basic questions and promoting freebee’s is all part of networking. Find some people in your target market and regularly comment on their social posts and reply to their emails, slowly introducing yourself is also another great way to network.

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